Dear Moot Courters:

It has come to my attention that there exists an Elliot Cup that allows pre-Duberstein
competition on the Duberstein problem -- among schools only from Texas, Mississippi
and Louisiana.

It's possible that the details of this thing could make it a much bigger deal, i.e. if
Elliot competition or posting of briefs pre-dates Duberstein's brief-writing deadline.

However, for now, it should suffice to say that this may be a competition to avoid for
all programs of the other 47 states.

Why would you invest resources in Duberstein when you'll be competing against a
substantial number of programs -- many "elite"? -- who have practiced the very same
problem under relatively intensive conditions.

Given this "Open Letter," and presuming perfect information and logical behavior, the
number of teams competing at Duberstein should decrease, with Duberstein being
relegated to an ultra-competitive environment uniquely void of correspondingly
significant LSA points.

Are you delusional enough to believe your skills can neutralize those of similarly
talented students who've already passed through the pressure cooker? See below for
results of recent Dubersteins.  (Notice just a few from Texas and Mississippi?)

1st Place -- Univ. of Texas

1st Place -- Houston
2nd Place -- Baylor (Texas)

1st Place -- Univ. of Texas
2nd Place -- Univ. of Texas
3rd Place -- Texas Tech

3rd Place -- Southern Methodist (Texas)

1st Place -- Mississippi College
2nd Place -- Southern Methodist (Texas)
3rd Place -- Mississippi College
3rd Place -- Houston

Brian Koppen, Founder/Ranker, LawSchoolAdvocacy.com