The Ranker is Brian Koppen.

Brian Koppen is
http://www.abanet.org/lsd/competitions/results/07naac.pdf (page one)
http://www.kentlaw.edu/depts/alums/enews/Apr08/index.html (light blue text box on right)

Brian Koppen's alma mater is Chicago-Kent College of Law.
Chicago-Kent was ranked only 3rd for 2007
despite having been National Semifinalists at the historically prestigious 176-team ABA NAAC
and National Winners of the similarly heralded 185-team NYC Bar National MCC.
(After three consecutive Top 10 finishes, Chicago-Kent was ranked only 22nd for 2010.)  

Chicago-Kent recently made history
when it became the first moot court program
to go back-to-back at NYC National MCC.  
Of the 6 arguers on two championship teams,
Brian Koppen practiced with, argued alongside, judged and/or coached 5 of 6.  

Brian Koppen is a published writer whose poetry with Kevin Leal
has appeared on the literary journal shelves of the top locations of
Barnes & Noble in New York City (Lincoln Center and Union Square).

Their work has also appeared in
Endicott Review, which has published poetry subsequently
selected for the
Best American Poetry series.

Their poetry will also appear in Issue #76 or #77 of
Bogg, which has published work by
Charles Bukowski,
Charles Plymell,
Robert Peters,
John M. Bennett,
Richard Peabody,
A.D. Winans,
Jim Kacian,
Jon Silkin and
Peter Bakowski.

Their poetry will also appear in an upcoming issue of
California Quarterly, which has
published work by
David Kowalczyk,
Jeanette Marie Sayers,
Deborah A. Miranda,
Richard Grayson,
Paul Smyth and
Katherine Hastings.

And in
Nerve Cowboy, which published work by
W. Joe Hoppe,
Hilda Weiss of
Lyn Lifshin,
Albert Huffstickler,
Lori Jakiela and
Charles Harper Webb.

As well as in
Beyond Centauri, which has published
John Bushore and
Barton Paul Levenson.

Lungfull!, which has featured poetry by
Merry Fortune and boasts as former contributing editor
Wanda Phipps.

So it should go without saying that
Brian Koppen's moot court team
won Best Brief at their
35-team ABA NAAC regional.